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If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys – James Goldsmith

17 Jan 2013, by admin in Treatments

With the online explosion of coupon ‘deals’ in the last 3 years we have seen many items discounted heavily. Now it has become common to see clinics offering coupon deals for injectable muscle relaxants or dermal fillers. I genuinely wish to warn you about these deals. Here’s my top 5 reasons not to engage in these ‘deals’.


Generally speaking the more experienced the injector is, the higher the price of the treatment. As they say there is no such thing as a free lunch. If it’s cheap, it’s because they are desperate for patients. They are desperate for patients because their results are not very good, and they have problems with retaining clients. Or perhaps they just started cosmetic injecting recently, and to attract new patients they are discounting heavily.


This is self explanatory really.


Have you ever bought a coupon deal online and then had a bad experience? I think most of us have.

I bought a dinner for two at a local pizza restaurant on one of the websites. The restaurant was empty and the food was ordinary. But what was I expecting? They were doing a 50% off meal and beverage package.

Can business be good if you have been forced to drop your prices by 50%? Are you producing good outcomes if you need to discount 50%? Do you have a line of people waiting to get in the door because of your amazing services and outcomes? Probably not.

No credible business that is producing outstanding results for their clients is going to be on a coupon website. Think about it.


I recently saw a coupon that said “2 areas of injectable muscle relaxants for $170″. Sounds good doesn’t it. When I read the fine print I saw that the first area was for a 10 unit frown treatment (half the recommended dose), and the second area could be the chin or the mouth frown (only a few units). Essentially, the treatment looks cheap, but it isn’t. You are not receiving the amount of injectable muscle relaxants that you have been enticed with. The results of such a treatment have to be inferior.


Often these coupon web sites take HALF the amount you pay online and give the other half to the clinic. You have to ask yourself why someone would run their business at a loss? The wholesale cost of goods on injectable muscle relaxants and dermal fillers is often above the advertised prices in the coupon.

It is possible you are not receiving the product you are paying for. There are Chinese and Korean imitations of injectable muscle relaxants. I worked for the company who makes injectable muscle relaxants for 6 years (Allergan Inc). I can tell you from years of experience that no two Botulinum toxins are the same. They are not interchangeable. Obviously, these products have safety risks or they would be approved by the Australian government.

I recently saw a “cheap deal” for “antiwrinkle injections” at $5 per unit. Upon further inspection I saw in the fine print that it was not injectable muscle relaxants. This other Botulinum Toxin requires 4 times the dose of injectable muscle relaxants to get the same outcome. So in fact the price was $20 per unit.

Please remember that you deserve the best result you can have with your injectable treatments. A natural, beautiful and artistic result is only going to be achieved by a skilled injector. Choose your clinic wisely, and my best advice is that a high price is likely to guarantee an outstanding result.


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